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Concure Restoration Inc. began as a residential concrete repair contractor. It wasn't long before a large demand was realized in the industrial sector. Many potential applications presented themselves where unprotected concrete was not suitable as the flooring option. Forklift traffic in warehouses slowly degrades concrete cracks and expansion joints over time. Chemical cleaning and production can deteriorate unprotected concrete floors. Constant use with heavy equipment can cause premature failure.

Concure Restoration Inc. has been repairing and restoring damaged or deteriorated concrete for over six years. Our focus has always been on finding cost effective, time saving solutions for our customers. With a full commitment to safety, Concure's staff is constantly undergoing training and education programs to maintain the highest standards. Most staff will have training in CTS, Whimis, respiratory safety, first aid, H2S alive, aerial lift platforms and fall protection as a minimum. Specific training can also be conducted at the customer's request for certain job sites. Concure Restoration Inc. has also earned its SECOR and is constantly updating it to keep up with the industry standards.

Whatever the reason or concern, Concure Restoration Inc. has spent the last 6 years developing a full line of services to restore and protect concrete in almost any environment. We always base our approach on discovering the reason for the concrete failure or damage before attempting any restoration work. We set out to give our customers a service that will outlast the intended life of the original surface, while remaining more cost effective then replacing it with new concrete. Everything we do is based on a fast return to service policy, allowing our customers to reuse their surfaces as fast as possible. Extensive research has gone into the wide array of products on the market and we have selected only those that offer fast cure times, extremely high strength, ultimate durability and cost effective options. We encourage you to explore our services section to view some of the past projects we have successfully completed. We are more than happy to discuss any of your concerns over the phone, or to set up a free consultation at your location. Every problem and concern we encounter is unique and this is why we prefer discussing it with you directly.